SpeedTouch 350(i)/360(i) Bridging ADSL Modem

SpeedTouch™ 350(i)/360(i)

Rapid access for all
Using the Internet can be frustrating if you have a slow response time. But not anymore. 
Surfing takes on a whole new dimension with the SpeedTouch 350/360 - and the 
SpeedTouch 350i/360i designed especially for ADSL over ISDN.
Besides being powerful tools for residential users, the new SpeedTouch Bridging Modems 
are also perfect for small and home offices (SOHO): If you’re looking for a bandwidth 
builder, take a closer look. 
Easy installation With the SpeedTouch Bridging Modems, the latest technology is applied 
to achieve a real plug and play service turn-up, linking seamlessly to the DSL access 
network, independent on region and service provider.

• ADSL (ANSI, ETSI, G.dmt for POTS and ISDN,
  G.lite and G.hs (automode and selection))
• Up to 8 Mb/s downstream for POTS and ISDN,
  832 kb/s upstream for POTS and 640 kb/s upstream for ISDN
• ADSL2-ready, Re-ADSL2-ready
• Autoconfiguration ADSL interface (DSLForum TR-37)
• Self Learning Bridge
• Full ATM QoS support (UBR, CBR, VBR-rt, VBR-nrt)
• Up to 8 simultaneous PVC's supported
• DHCP server for local addressing

For 360(i) only :
• Host software support for:
   Windows 98, 98SE, 2000, ME and XP
• Plug-and-play installation
• Simple software upgrade procedure
• USB integrated as virtual Ethernet on PC

Product Description : The SpeedTouch 350/360 Data Sheet
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