SpeedTouch 510 Multi-user ADSL Gateway

SpeedTouch™ 510(i)v4

Internet access for multiple users is as easy as clicking the mouse! 
With the SpeedTouch™ 510 and 510i, surfing the Internet becomes a whole new 
experience. In fact, this external ADSL residential gateway allows speeds up 
to 200 times faster than traditional modems.
The SpeedTouch 510 is also available for ADSL over ISDN, the SpeedTouch 510i.  

• High-speed Internet access and Networking for Ethernet enabled devices.
• Up to 8Mbps downstream, 832kps upstream.
• Allows Multiple users to share a single IP address on the same ADSL connection
• Trouble free
   - Security reinforced by means of an inbuilt firewall
   - Universal Plug and Play support
   - Web-based user-friendly interface
• Easy installation
   - Easy installation and configuration
   - Downloadable Software upgrade
• Multiple OS Support   
   - Supports Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP; 
   - Mac OS 8.6, 9.0 and X;
   - Unix/Linux

Product Description : The SpeedTouch 510 Data Sheet
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