SpeedTouch 530 Multi-user ADSL Gateway

SpeedTouch™ 530(i)

Having to share bandwidth across several devices, whether it's for 
business or pleasure, can play with your patience. That's why the 
SpeedTouch 530 is the perfect solution for people who want ADSL 
access to the Internet. Designed specifically for both Ethernet and 
USB technology, the SpeedTouch 530 guarantees a quick response time 
for all. The SpeedTouch 530 gives you multi-device connectivity 
scenarios, whether for residential or for small and home offices (SOHO).
Get the best of both Internet technology and USB connectivity and put 
a rapid end to the Web-waiting game.  


 High-speed Internet access and regular phone service on the same line
 Up to 8Mb/s downstream, 832 kb/s upstream
 Supports Windows 98, 98 SE, 2000, ME and XP on the USB interface,
  and any Operation system on the Ethernet interface
 Allows for simultaneous Ethernet and USB connectivity
 Connects seamlessly to your PC or LAN via Autosensing Ethernet
 Connects to USB-port on desktop or notebook computer
 Easy set-up wizard
 Integrated firewall
 ADSL standards compliant (ANSI T 1.431 Issue 2, G.dmt, G.lite, 
  G.dmt annex B (incl. UR-2))
 Supports PPPoA, PPPoE and LAN functionality

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