SpeedTouch 605s Business Multi-User SHDSL Gateway

SpeedTouch™ 605s
        Specially designed for SMEs and SOHOs, the SpeedTouch 605s
        offers plenty of possibilities. With easy installation, simplified office
        networking and an embedded firewall, the SpeedTouch 605s is a
        highly cost-effective and secure option.
        The SpeedTouch 605s Plug&Play router is the ideal solution for
        SOHOs and SMEs to setup high-speed connections (up to 2.3 Mb/s
        downstream and upstream) for internet, email, web hosting or video

  - LAN : 1 port 10/100 Base-T (RJ45) 
  - WAN : DSL RJ11; Pin 3 / 4 for SHDSL 2-wire
 OS independent 
 IP Routing 
 Embedded Firewall 
 Wan Protocol Model : 
  - Routed PPPoE/PPPoA
  - Relayed PPPoA and DHCP-to-PPP spoofing
  - Bridged Ethernet/Routed Ethernet
  - Classical IPoA 
 UPnP Internet Gateway device including NAT traversal
 SHDSL Standard ITU-T G.991.2 
 User friendly web interface
 Telnet access to router
 Command Line Interface
 CLI fully available both in menu-mode or in text-mode
 Software upgradeable

Product Description : The SpeedTouch 605s Data Sheet
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