SpeedTouch 608 Business DSL Router

SpeedTouch™ 608

Specially designed for SMEs and SOHOs, the SpeedTouch 608 offers 
plenty of possibilities. With easy installation, an embedded firewall, 
IP VPN, the SpeedTouch 608 is a highly cost-effective and secure option. 
The SpeedTouch 608 Plug and Play* router is the ideal solution for
connecting branch-offices, teleworkers or Call Center Agents back 
to the main office. 


  - LAN : 4 ports 10/100Base-T (RJ45) with auto MDI/MDI-X
  - WAN : DSL line RJ11 for ADSL/POTS or ADSL/ISDN
 OS independent 
 IP Routing: multi-port router (up to 20 PVCs), static routing, 
              automatic routes (PPP, LAN), source and destination routing
 DHCP: Server and client, spoofing
 BOOTP client
 DNS server and relay
 Embedded firewall with full packet filtering
 WAN protocol model: 
  - Routed PPPoE/PPPoA 
  - Relayed PPPoA and DHCP-to-PPP spoofing 
  - Bridged Ethernet/Routed Ethernet
  - Classical IPoA and IPoE
 IP VPN certified by ICSA
  - IPSec with Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), online and offline PKI enrollment 
  - Encryption AES, DES, 3DES, RC5
  - Hashing HMAC, MD5, SHA1
  - 2 incoming or 1 outgoing IPVPN tunnel

Product Description : The SpeedTouch 608 Data Sheet
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