SpeedTouch 690s
Business DSL Routers

SpeedTouch™ 690s

      SHDSL Private Line Network Termination 
      Let's get down to business. That's the call from telecom service providers 
      and SMEs alike, and that's what is driving the demand for quicker and 
      smarter data transfer - in both directions. Beyond these markets, the 
      SpeedTouch 690s is the perfect answer for companies needing to connect 
      branch offices back to head office. For data and/or voice needs, the 
      SpeedTouch 690s offers unparalleled performance and bring the power of 
      broadband access to end-users, regardless of their location. In short, 
      via a Symmetric High-Speed (SHDSL) network interface, data transfer just 
      became a whole lot easier.

      So relax, make the cost-effective choice and let the SpeedTouch 690s take 
      the strain.

 Data and/or voice services over frame or leased line
  for SMEs and SOHO.
 Allows ILECs and CLECS to deliver private line services
  via the broadband access network
 Allows end-users to subscribe to flexible high-speed
  Symmetrical DSL services (SHDSL) while protecting their
  network investment.
 Interfaces X21, V35, E1, ATM.
 Symmetrical transfer rates up to 2.3Mbps over 2 wires (1 pair)
  or 4.6Mbps over 4 wires (2 pair)

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