Why get all wired up when wireless is the thig nowadays? Cut the wires ... but keep a business-class service. By combining our SpeedTouch 610 and our SpeedTouch 180 in a business environment, you will be able to set up a wireless LAN as easy as 1,2,3.

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The SpeedTouch 610, coupled with a SpeedTouch 180 - Wireless Access Point, enables a wireless network to create a hotspot. Our simple and cost-effective solution has several main advantages :
All the Intelligent equipments are network-based
The WIFI Access Points are cost-effective and provide great coverage...
The SpeedTouch 610 (with all its variants : ADSL, SHDSL or VDSL) concentrates the flow from all the SpeedTouch 180's and sends all traffic over the Internet with secured IPVPN to the network-based servers. In addition, when you need more coverage or more traffic, you just add another SpeedTouch 180 or a second DSL line with a SpeedTouch 610.
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