You can take advantage of our LAN Extension Solutions, for voice, data and video. This allows you to:

Access to your emails, intranet, shared servers or chat with XP Messenger,
Place and receive calls to and from your colleagues, suppliers ...,
Benefit from your vertical applications (SAP, SIEBEL ).


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The SpeedTouch 610 will enable you to create a high-speed and secured connection through an IPVPN between your sites. All traffic will be sent through this link. In addition, the SpeedTouch 610 SIP PBX will allow you to make local calls in your branch office and reach the PBX in you main office for external calls. If your PBX doesn't support VoIP, no worries, we can provide you with a VoIP gateway.


You can easily reduce your costs for E1, leased line or Frame Relay by using our SpeedTouch 690s. It simple, reliable and definitely cost-effective:
For Frame relay A full Frame relay connection over SHDSL (up to 2.3 Mb/s, FRF1, FRF5 and FRF8)
For E1 or leased line A full E1 emulation over SHDSL
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